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Sales Training

Sales Training


If you work in sales or business development, there's no better place for you to learn sales strategies and techniques than InfoComm 2017. Why? Because our sales training is led by experts that have a background in pro-AV—giving them insight into the unique challenges that sales managers in our industry face every day.

NEW Course! Outcomes-Based Sales: Skills and Processes

Presented by Corporate Sales Coaches

Corporate Sales Coaches has trained sales professionals in our industry from Unified AV, Symco and IMS (just to name a few)—and now they're bringing their results-oriented, customized sales training program to InfoComm 2017.

The one-and-a-half day course will provide sales professionals ranging from early-stage sales reps to mid-level account managers with the framework and specific skills needed to succeed in today's AV market.

Read more about this session below, or browse the list of sales and marketing-related training at InfoComm 2017.

Corporate Sales Coaches brings their expertise to InfoComm 2017!

Come to InfoComm before the show to attend Outcomes-Based Sales: Skills and Processes, the customized sales training program from industry leaders Corporate Sales Coaches. This program will explore:

  • Core sales skills with structured customer-focused sales process
  • Understanding/recognizing and adapting to behavioral styles
  • Prospecting: establishing credibility and trust creating interest at the executive level
  • Foundation and advanced skills in discovery/needs
  • Presenting customer-focused needs and outcomes
  • AV industry customized role-plays, exercises, action plans and templates
In addition, you'll receive support BEFORE and AFTER the course to ensure you're able to apply what you learn. To enhance the benefits of the course, the CSC sales coaching package includes:
  • Course preparation materials: prior to attending the course, each attendee will be provided their customized Everything DiSC® Sales Profile; this 26-page report will prepare you for the workshop. See a sample.
  • Web- based reinforcement workshops: two 90-minute workshops to reinforce and to practice skills learned in the course; conducted approximately 30 and 60 days after InfoComm 2017
  • Online self-paced training: each attendee will have access to Corporate Sales Coaches' online self-paced modules for up to 12 months to keep the concepts top-of-mind and to be used in day-to-day sales situations

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