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What is TIDE?

What is TIDE?


TIDE is a new conference into the WHY of AV—and not just the HOW.

TIDE is a completely new event happening on Tuesday, June 13, at InfoComm 2017. This isn't the technical training you might usually find at the show; TIDE is a thought leadership conference for those who want to understand the role AV plays in creating solutions to today’s—and tomorrow’s—business needs. TIDE provides a forum for conversation, learning, and insight. It's like TED x SXSW x Experiential Marketing Summit—but relatable and applicable to our industry and your business, now.

At TIDE, you'll hear from an impressive line-up of industry leaders, brand experience experts, designers, and content creators who have worked on projects for Amazon Alexa Smart Home, NASA, Hamilton, Pixar, Ralph Lauren, Beyonce, IKEA, BMW, Open House for Target, BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse, and much more. See who's speaking.

Storytelling. So what?

Maybe you've heard that the new TIDE conference is centered around the concept of “storytelling.” But what does that mean (and what does it have to do with AV?).

matthew-luhn-videoThe story you tell—whether it's a brand launch, experiential marketing campaign, retail store, live event, or company elevator pitch—is what makes your audience feel (and hopefully, act. Whether that's buying, or learning, or participating).

Think about the story that an Abercrombie and Fitch store tells versus the one that’s told by REI. What a consumer sees, feels, and hears is all part of that brand’s story, and technology (lighting, audio, digital signage) is a critical part of making that story come to life. In fact, you can't tell that brand story without AV.

Still not convinced? That’s why the kickoff to TIDE is a keynote from Matthew Luhn, the “story guy” at Pixar. His presentation, “Storytelling for Business,” will address exactly that: why business storytelling can be an effective communications strategy and a compelling motivator to help you reach your enterprise goals. Read more about the key take aways from TIDE.


Networking at TIDE

One of the most important elements of TIDE is the networking component. We're bringing together AV integrators, live events pros, meeting planners, and end users from retail, corporate, higher education, and more. In addition to the networking lunch and the interactive breakout sessions, there will also be a networking reception at the end of the day so you can talk about your TIDE experience with other attendees.

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