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TIDE Sessions

TIDE Sessions

Your TIDE conference experience includes the plenary talks below, plus one morning breakout session and one afternoon breakout session. If you are one of the first 100 TIDE registrants, you will also be invited to a Trends Briefing and guided tour of the InfoComm exhibit hall.

KEYNOTE: Storytelling for Business

Matthew Luhn, Story Veteran, Pixar

Storytelling is the #1 business skill necessary to connect, motivate, and lead people in today’s world. Stories compel us to engage in experiences, learn lessons, and define our values and ourselves within our organization. Matthew Luhn, a 20-year Pixar story veteran, brings his experience creating and developing blockbuster films at Pixar to give insight into the art of storytelling. His presentation provides practical strategies that teach and inspire people and teams to connect more effectively with audiences. Matthew uses the power of storytelling to bridge the gap between business and heart, driving your story toward one unforgettable selling point. 

The Intersection of Space and Storytelling

Jake Barton, Principal and Founder, Local Projects

Noted designer Jake Barton, founder of the experience design firm Local Projects, will share his insights into the intersection of physical space and storytelling using examples from recent projects, including the 9/11 Memorial Museum, the Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, and the Open House for Target. Local Projects has been recognized internationally for their creation of radically new experiences in physical space, marrying interaction design, technology and architecture, and has been honored with major awards—including the National Design Award for Interaction Design, the Cannes Lion and multiple MUSE awards. Barton’s TED talk has nearly a million views, and he is on Fast Company’s list of Top 50 designers.

Can Technology Re-humanize Retail?

Healey Cypher, CEO & Co-founder, Oak Labs

There is no more influential industry in shaping how people engage with the physical world than retail, a market that employs one out of every four working-age Americans. Retail is where we spend the largest portion of disposable income, and its role in shaping society and culture cannot be overestimated. Healey Cypher and his team love retail! And they want to redefine the experience, envisioning a beautiful future where stores are software-defined, yet the focus is on people and products.


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Crafting the Story of Your Business Workshop

Matthew Luhn, Story Veteran, Pixar

Matthew Luhn has entertained thousands of great ideas while working at Pixar, Industrial Light & Magic, and on the hit TV show The Simpsons. But how is it that some of these ideas make for great movies and television shows, while others never even make the cut? One answer: The best directors and the true innovators have developed a process that focuses a team's creativity on the process of first coming up with great ideas, then fleshing them out—something Luhn has experienced first-hand throughout his career. This inspiring and engaging workshop offers attendees an opportunity to generate fresh ideas and develop stories, on their own and with others, while under the guidance of Luhn's expertise.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have learned how to:

  • Communicate a unique and compelling story in a single sentence
  • Master the three key elements of storytelling
  • Harness the "Universal Truths" that connect with all people

How Spaces Tell Stories:  Interactivity and Engagement 

Jake Barton, Principal and Founder, Local Projects

Dynamic, interactive experiences that happen within physical spaces can connect people to ideas, brands, and each other in ways that are impossible online, and often have a greater impact on the end user. Hear experts talk about how they craft site-specific interactive experiences that tell stories in unique ways, drive interaction, and create lasting memories.

Reimagining the Story of AV Workshop

Lance Weiler, Storyteller and Culture Hacker

What do people think of when they think of AV? Microphone feedback, projectors aimed at white walls, and technical snafus? Or do they think of the transformative power of technology, and how it grabs the attention of our two most dominant senses, Sight and Sound? This collaborative and dynamic session will draw on the collective creativity and intelligence of the participants in developing a story, from scratch, that challenges the current assumptions of the AV industry and points to the future. No more looking in the rearview mirror. The reimagined story of AV that comes from this workshop will be presented to the entire audience at the close of the morning program.

How Stories Are Used in Business: Case Studies from Retail, Sports, Live Events and Beyond

Eric Grossman, COO, TAIT
Jens Oliver Mayer, Managing Director, Germany, Jack Morton Worldwide

Storytelling has become a business competency that both drives emotional engagement and enhances business performance. With today’s emphasis on brand experience, emotional engagement is proving to be more and more critical in achieving positive results, and effective storytelling is at the heart of this movement. Business leaders and brand consultants share their experiences of harnessing the power of storytelling to create emotional connections that contribute to their company’s culture, brand and bottom line.

Narrative Neuroscience: Crafting the Unforgettable

Barry Rinehart, Executive Creative Director, Multi Image Group

What if stories are only recipes designed to activate different sensory receptors that trigger the release of neurotransmitters in our brain and body that make us feel a spectrum of emotions that make the experience so vivid and unique that our brain can’t help but remember them?  Barry Ross Rinehart, a 30-year events industry veteran and self-proclaimed brain geek (and former director of a few Bill Nye the Science Guy and National Geographic TV episodes) will be sharing some of the strategic science and techniques behind creating multi-sensory narrative experiences that will become unforgettable much more meaningful and inspirational.

KEYNOTE: The Power of Immersive Storytelling

Nonny de la Peña, Virtual Reality Pioneer and Founder of Emblematic Projects

The Story Disrupted: The Next Technologies to Change Storytelling

Cedric Gamelin, Senior Producer, Emblematic Group
Dan Quigley, Principal Technical Product Manager, Amazon Alexa’s Smart Home
Jonathan Yomayuza, VR Technical Director, Emblematic Group

From oral histories around the campfire, on to books, radio, television, movies, games, virtual reality and beyond, stories have evolved in part because of the medium through which they are told. Listen in on a thought-provoking conversation between technology leaders about what advances lie ahead and how they will affect storytelling.

The Art of Collaboration 

Gabe Kean, Studio Founder and Principal, Belle & Wissell, Co.

By shaping the way we collaborate with others, we can shift a once-daunting exercise into a rewarding creative process. Artful collaboration is critical when projects are complex, timelines are tight, and the pressure is on; by effectively guiding diverse team members from the outset, we can expect stunning and successful outcomes. Using interactive storytelling experiences as case studies, Kean will share collaboration insights he’s gleaned through years of experimentation, and demonstrate how a proven process can be applied to guarantee exceptional results.

How to Use Technology and Content to Build Experiences That Matter

Jens Oliver Mayer, Managing Director, Germany, Jack Morton Worldwide

With more than 20 years of experience in the brand experience industry, Jens brings a special passion for integrating live events and the digital world. This talk will cover his unique perspective on the relationship between technology and events, and how to leverage content marketing – fueled by events and enabled digitally – to respond to the strategic challenges of your clients. Learn why you need to be human, invite participation and build a community to successfully implement technology within live experiences. 

NASA Precision for Virtual Missions to Mars and Beyond

Jason Crusan, Director, Advanced Exploration Systems, NASA

Get an inside look at the future technology of space travel and the many ways in which NASA is using simulated environments to prepare for life beyond Earth. Crusan will address the Journey to Mars initiative, and the role of the ambitious virtual reality MARS 2030 project, created by Fusion in partnership with NASA and MIT. As he says, “Humans, not technology, will determine whether we reach Mars by 2030.” 


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Storytelling ROI:  Technology Case Study

Healey Cypher, CEO and Co-Founder, Oak Labs
Eric Grossman, COO, TAIT
Robert Smith, Director of Innovation, Stanford University

Redesigning Spaces for New Technologies 

Darren David, CEO, Stimulant
Peter Kolak, Senior Manager, Conferencing Services, Juniper Networks

Technological innovations are reshaping classrooms, boardrooms and offices every day, so how do you incorporate new and future technologies into your design? Hear how space planners and technology experts approach this issue and ensure that today’s space design accommodates tomorrow’s technology.

AV and Content Creators: Co-Authoring Partnerships 

Gabe Kean, Studio Founder and Principal, Belle & Wissell, Co.
Dan Moalli, SVP Business Development, Technomedia
Alexandre Simionescu, Co-Founder and Creative Director, FLOAT4
Nevin Steinberg, Sound Designer, Hamilton!

Content and technology are tightly interwoven, and a solid partnership between technology providers and the content creators is the only way to produce consistently great results. Hear from people who have experience in developing these partnerships, whether from the perspective of sound, video or experience design.

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