InfoComm 2017


Immersive Technologies

Immersive Technologies

Hall A – Booth 1061

It's not a game. It's game changing.

Experience augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality in the NEW Immersive Technologies Pavilion at InfoComm 2017 in booth #1061.

Though these technologies are traditionally associated with entertainment and gaming, there's growing demand for commercial applications in education, government, manufacturing, and more.

Immersive Technology Experience 

Visit these premiere experiences designed by our interactive partners at Freeman and Samsung, and learn how AR/VR/MR experiences will transform the way you see the world.

Visit these premiere experiences designed by our interactive partners at Freeman and Samsung, and learn how AR/VR/MR experiences will transform the way you see the world.

360° Live Streaming

There’s nothing yet that beats the in-person experience of being at a live event, but with new 360° cameras, it can get extremely close. Get a hands-on preview of the latest in ultra-high resolution 360° live streaming and camera technology.

Watch live technology presentations and panels from Center Stage stream in both 4K+ equirectangular video and 3D VR head-mounted displays. Then, learn how you can implement 360° live streaming at your next event, show or concert to bring your brand experience home.

Visualization & Design    

We live in an innately three-dimensional world, but we often work, learn and design products and experiences on two-dimensional screens. From 3D product designs to visiting far off-worlds, virtual reality tools can dramatically improve the engineering and design experiences.

During this immersive experience, attendees can explore virtual sites like far off destinations, venues and products with clarity in virtual reality. You'll learn how interactive VR tools can be used to create and design products and experiences, and get a preview of how VR rendering technologies have improved to near photorealistic quality.

Simulation & Training

In this mixed reality simulation, attendees can watch and experience what it feels like to be an astronaut in the most inhospitable environment of space. In a simulated Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU), attendees will be able to simulate rotating and moving through the frictionless environment of space in all six degrees of freedom like a real astronaut. Orbit the earth at an altitude of 400 km at speeds of 27,600 km per hour, and take a tour of the International Space Station.

Education & Medical

Augmented and virtual reality applications will transform modern medicine, with incredible new advances in how practitioners can view and diagnose conditions to how students will learn about the intricacies of the human body.  Soon medical students and educators will be able to dissect and visualize the human body in clear visual detail.

With this multi-user HoloLens experience, explore the human body and deep dive into complex biological systems like the heart, brain and lungs.

VR Marketing

Mixed reality solutions will change the way we market and educate our customers and clients. In this virtual experience, get a hands-on preview of small and large products like airplanes and jet engines, while learning about their inner workings and benefits through helpful interactive tools, tips and virtual guides. In addition to getting X-ray views of the inner workings of complex machines, attendees can visualize and literally step-into the airflow and combustion of a functioning virtual engine. Plus, you can explore and learn about the cockpit, missile and afterburners of a modern jet!

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