Call for Presenters

Call for Presenters

The InfoComm Call for Presenters is now open.

Share your expertise, connect with peers and customers, and advance your company and personal profile: submit a session to the InfoComm 2021 Call for Presenters (CFP). If you are an industry insider, thought-leader, innovator or technology experts that works with AV, this is your opportunity to be a contributor to one of our industry's most influential platforms.


Submission Deadline: November 9, 2020


We encourage participants from all backgrounds to apply. 

At InfoComm and across all AVIXA platforms, we seek to create and champion an environment of giving, sharing, and mutual respect; not only for our members, but in the pronounced way our mission touches the world. 

But we cannot do it alone. We need your participation and referrals because it is not a choice of expertise OR diversity: the diverse thought and experience of women, non-binary genders, Black, Indigenous and all people of color expands our industry knowledge and represents a better future for our AV community.

New for 2021

Within this year’s submission process, you’ll see some changes.

  • While individual trade shows (like Integrate or ISE) will have their own entry processes, we’re now reviewing submissions for a wide array of year-round platforms, not just the InfoComm tradeshow. This means each submission has a greater chance of being selected. 
  • We are asking for demographic information for each of our speakers. InfoComm and the executive leadership of AVIXA are committed to accelerating the representation of women, non-binary genders, Black, Indigenous, and people of color across the industry. In order to accomplish this initiative, we ask for your help in completing the questions within the submission portal.

Pass the Mic

hopeIf you've spoken at InfoComm in the past, you know what a rewarding experience it can be. Help us to champion a better normal by "passing the mic" —nominate a colleague and help bring forward lesser-heard voices from all areas of the AV industry. We know that with your assistance, we can make our speaker community more inclusive and, in doing so, make our programs better. 

Here are some ideas for how you can "pass the mic."

  • Encourage a non-traditional applicant apply to the CFP (here's a template that you can personalize).

  • Invite a woman, someone of non-binary gender, Black or person of color to build a session submission with you 

  • Encourage your AV colleagues to create panels that include diverse voices and don’t let the status quo stand. 


Q: What information do I need to submit a session?  
A: It depends on the session type. Download a preview of the questions we’ll ask so you can prepare your session in advance. 

Q: How will AVIXA decide if my proposal is selected?   
A: Sessions are evaluated by AVIXA staff, the Content & Learning Steering Committee, and a group of volunteer subject matter expert reviewers. Recommendations for inclusion are based on proposal quality, presenter/facilitator expertise, alignment with suggested topics, and suitability for the InfoComm audience.  Final acceptance is also dependent on space availability and proposal uniqueness. High-quality proposals that aren’t accepted for InfoComm 2021 may be offered the opportunity to participate in a different AVIXA content program.   

Q: When will I hear whether my proposal is selected?   
A: January 2021   

Q: How good are my odds of acceptance?   
A: The InfoComm Call for Presentations is very competitive: less than 25% of submissions are selected. However, starting this year, we are reviewing submissions for a wide array of year-round platforms, not just the InfoComm tradeshow. This means each submission has a greater chance of being selected either for InfoComm or another AVIXA platform.    

Q: Can I discuss specific products or brands in my session?   
A: This is a fine line: excluding manufacturer’s training sessions, InfoComm sessions cannot promote the products or services of any specific company. They also shouldn’t deride any specific vendor. However, it is permissible to use specific products as examples or for the purpose of hands-on practice. Just be sure you’re using those examples in support of concepts that apply regardless of brand or product. When possible, use examples from multiple vendors to avoid the perception of bias.   

Q: I have an idea for a session, but I haven’t confirmed the availability of all the presenters/panelists. Can I submit?   
A: Yes. Be aware, though, that you will have to work quickly to obtain final confirmation from all speakers if your submission is selected. Participants have about two weeks to accept or decline the invitation. If they fail to confirm in this time period, the session will be dropped and the time slot offered to an alternate.   

Q: What are the benefits of presenting at InfoComm?   
A: You mean besides supporting the industry you love? All volunteer speakers receive complimentary registration for InfoComm 2021, including a free all-access conference package. You’ll have access to the speaker lounge throughout the show, with lineless badge pickup and complimentary coffee, snacks and wi-fi. Speakers who aren’t employed by exhibitors may also be eligible for travel benefits.    

Q: I have other questions. Is there a human being I can talk to about how to submit?   
A: There is! Contact Katherine Lawless, Manager, Live Content at You can also call her at +1.703.279.2176  from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. EDT, Monday through Friday. 

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