Pass the Mic

Pass the Mic

Thank you for helping InfoComm have a more inclusive speaker group. Below is a template you can customize to encourage a colleague to participate in the InfoComm 2021 program.

Dear [insert name of your talented colleague here], 

InfoComm’s annual call for presentations is open right now, and I think you should apply. 

AVIXA is committed to elevating more diversity on its platforms, specifically women, non-binary genders, and people of color, for the InfoComm show, webinars and podcasts. They are seeking experts who can help change the image of the “trusted AV expert” to accurately reflect the diverse professionals of our industry.  

You are one of those experts.  

Here’s how I know you’d be a great speaker: [This is where you come in! Make it personal. List areas where this individual has extraordinary expertise, or a unique and valuable perspective. Give an example of a time when you’ve seen them display great communication skills, inspire a team, mentor a colleague or educate a client. Show them why the AV industry needs their voice] 

All you need to apply is an idea for a session. The questions in the call for presentations are intended to help you flesh that idea out. You’ll be asked: 

  • What the session is called 

  • What it’s about 

  • Who it’s for 

  • How you envision teaching it 

  • What you need (in terms of materials or other support) to be successful 

[Optional: tell your brilliant colleague how you are willing to support them in this process. For example: 

  • I will help you brainstorm session ideas 

  • I will help you fill out the application or craft your abstract proposal and learning objectives 

  • If you don’t want to present alone, you can list me as a co-presenter (or I can introduce you to another expert on your topic) 

  • If your session is accepted, I will help you practice your presentation 

  • I will come to your session and cheer you on

  • I will give you/recommend you for a promotion/bonus on the basis of your status as an industry speaker]

AVIXA has asked me for my input as a former speaker/as a former member of the session review and selection working group. I’m officially endorsing you. If you do decide to apply, feel free to attach this email as a letter of recommendation.  

If you need any help with the CFP process, contact Kathryn Lawless at directly. You can tell them I sent you. 

[Your preferred email signature here]