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Center Stage is InfoComm’s hub for creative dialogues, featuring leading thinkers and practitioners from the fields of entertainment, enterprise, healthcare, education and hospitality. These dynamic conversations peer within and beyond traditional AV use cases to explore the intersection of technology, business outcomes, and quality of life. 

By placing the AV industry’s most innovative makers, users, and creators in conversation with each other, Center Stage creates a platform for new connections. These programs will inspire you with the power of our industry and prepare you for what the future holds.

Stop by Center Stage at booth 3161 to hear more than two dozen FREE sessions (see topics below!) during Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. No need to pre-register; just drop in.

2018 Center Stage Schedule

  1. 20 mins
    Throughout InfoComm 2018, attendees have been venturing into The Dark to discuss how uncertainty blinds us to new opportunities, and flying up in The Sky to unlock their creativity by changing their perspective. Join C2's  VP of Business Development to discover what C2 at InfoComm participants learned and taught us.
  2. 20 mins
    Moving immersive experiences into the multi-sensory realm. How do new designs combine sound, video and lighting with advanced kinetic architecture to create truly memorable experiences? How can we transform the context of content and create new ways of interacting with an environment? What new public, private, and location-based-entertainment venues are adding kinetic architecture to engage the senses? How can you create an immersive design that must be experienced in person, generating new and recurring foot traffic?
  3. 20 mins
    How are the practices of architecture and acoustic design evolving with new interdisciplinary collaborations that include artists, performers and creative technologists? How are new styles of performance and events dictating design choices? As wider cultural shifts dictate that all venues become multi-purpose, how does that play out on smaller scale projects? 
  4. 40 mins
    Beyond just being able to see the participants in a video conference call, subtle elements in the way we speak convey specific details that are crucial to an effective conversation. While not necessarily visible, these complex audio cues are essential to natural communication and typically are not captured with traditional conference call solutions. This session will explore the science behind how the Dolby Voice solution employs spatial audio technology to reintroduce the natural auditory cues of face-to-face communication and how businesses, both large and small, are leveraging the benefits of spatial audio to improve remote collaboration.
  5. 20 mins
    Hotels are expanding their historic, epoch-defining roles as social gathering spaces for creatives with striking new vibrance today. How is live music programming evolving as hotels assert their status as cultural destinations? Beyond that, how are hotels providing guests with new access to purpose-built venues for recording and playing music? How are content creation, distribution and the idea of creative spaces merging both within and outside the hotel ecosystem?
  6. 20 mins
    A look at how a conceptual live music performance uses immersive lighting, sound, and interactivity to create an emotionally intelligent space. How does new media art and technology allow for deeper artistic collaboration with live-performing musicians? How do current audiences want to experience and engage with music? How does virtual reality aid in the process of designing and distributing the event and act as an archival tool for artists?
  7. 20 mins

    Every AV integrator has a mountain of information running through their business on a day-to-day basis. Managing it can often feel like organized chaos. That's how Stamm Media felt before they realized how much it was holding them back.

  8. 20 mins
    How does increased focus on human experience influence the stadium, arena, and sports venue design process? How do factors such as site location, region, community, fan base, and opportunities for personalization inform venue design? How can technologies enhance the sense of place?  
  9. 20 mins
    Digital Signage has nothing to do with shaping experiences... unless you test and measure and test and measure again. In this session, Mvix will present two case studies that did just that. A public research university and a seaside amusement park leveraged digital signage to test communication strategies and were able to influence audience behavior, with measureable results. 
  10. 20 mins
    This session will explore how a video-first mindset creates a tightly connected, collaborative culture that leads to more engaged, higher-performing employees who ultimately drive stronger business results. We'll dive into a real-world business scenario where video is deployed across multiple locations globally and how video easily and seamlessly fits into employee workflow. Through this discussion, you'll learn about the key benefits of video collaboration but also how best to promote user adoption for a successful deployment. 
  11. 20 mins
    As intelligent systems make their way into our lives in the form of virtual voice assistants, a unique opportunity emerges for brands to have direct conversations with individuals, and to use voice UIs to form deep and meaningful relationships. Because when machines talk, people assume relationships. Based on our experience designing conversational UIs, we examine the emerging relationship dynamics between people and virtual assistants and introduce an ethical framework for the future of human computer interaction. This discussion will cover how voice personalities are crafted to appeal to the user, and what corporate responsibilities brands have when crafting voice personalities and scripts.
  12. 20 mins
    The goal for Sports Entertainment is to develop a strategy to ultimately offers an exciting event for fans, elevate brand, entertain and increase revenue.  Sports Teams strive to attract and interact with consumers in innovative and connected ways that are both efficient and fan friendly. Sports and Entertainment Venues are building their brands to compete for ticket sales, concessions and exciting sports, partnering with solution providers to recommend manufacturers that can offer a complete suite of solutions to deliver state of the art, ultimate entertainment experience. Display plays a critical role in Sports Entertainment, Gaming and Amusement.  Innovative smart signage is the foundation to deliver the action live from every angle of the stadium, offering dynamic concession and food options, wayfinding to get to your seat and provide endless entertainment in stadium suites. In this session, Samsung and Revel TV  will provide a behind the scenes look – from ideation to integration – at how the Utah Jazz leveraged Samsung display solutions to bring their vision for the Sports Entertainment life.
  13. 60 mins

    Center Stage kicks off 2018 with an exploration of the concept of the Integrated Life: how smart technologies enable a seamless transition between home, work, and entertainment spaces. Industry thought leaders will deliver their vision with respect to a facet of Integrated Life. 

    •Smart Work: how connected technologies can create more efficient buildings, more effective workflows, and more innovative and engaged workforces

    •Smart Homes: how sophisticated, professionally integrated technologies are improving individual lives and enabling people to seamlessly integrate their personal and professional lives.

    •AI: how machine learning had enabled us to harness the 'dark data' that the Internet of Things has produced for years, and actually use it to achieve insights that further end user outcomes.

  14. 20 mins
    New wearable technologies add easy and natural interactivity to events and environments. Participants can click to 'like' locations and gain access to linked content, all of which is saved to their timeline for later retrieval. How do wearables influence interaction among event participants? When wearables such as event badges or wristbands are universally used by all attendees, what benefits come from 100-percent engagement? 
  15. 20 mins
    Can videoconferencing technology help improve educational outcomes, reduce crime, and strengthen community? Shared_Studios is the multidisciplinary art, design and technology collective behind Portals - immersive AV environments, housed in gold shipping containers, and placed in public sites across the globe. With patented and patent-pending innovations in hardware, software, and design, Shared_Studios makes people around the world feel as though they are standing in the same room. What is it about the design of the Portal that enhances connection? And how does setting Portals up in public spaces, and staffing them with local leaders, help revitalize community globally?
  16. 20 mins
    With voice, motion, heat, RFID and a multitude of other sensors serving as inputs, soon the built environment itself is going to be our user interface. As we move beyond screens and develop interaction that relies on natural forms of human expression, we need to start codifying the way we'll be interacting with building-embedded systems. As our environment becomes more complex, how does that communication happen? Is it an explicit interaction, or is it implicit, with the environment figuring out what users want? How can we make better design choices to ensure the best UI outcomes?
  17. 20 mins
    With the proliferation of digital signage analytics options, how do you best use data to improve the overall user experience? We're able to collect more data in more ways than ever before, and the challenge is figuring out what data matters, and how to make that data actionable. Are we collecting too much data, and what are we doing with it? And how are we translating data into engagement? Are traditional analytics such as impression, gender, age, and geographic over-valued for personalization? It's all about data versus delight. Because the underlying fact is, you can have all the data in the world, but if the experience isn't fun and engaging, it doesn't matter.
  18. 20 mins
    You know that online video content is valuable for building your business and brand, but you don't know where to start. What are the first steps to creating videos that represent your unique offerings, style and company culture? We'll look at examples of videos that work and then discuss what you can do to boost your own video presence online. Practical tips will be presented, along with ways to get creative and make engaging videos that promote your business, establish your brand, and maybe even help recruit and retain talent. This interactive session is the Center Stage finale, so expect plenty of surprises!
  19. 20 mins
    VR will remove the limitations of locality in education and open up learning on a global scale. How will the education experience change when we get beyond the present-day sense of 'VR field trips' and use the medium to expand access to learning? What are the implications of learning in the VR environment? How does spatial learning improve absorption of material? 
  20. 20 mins
    Looking to the future of hospitality experiences, hotel brands are using new tools to better understand the guest experience. How and why are they using AR and VR tools for design validation? Is a more immersive design experience required for an emerging customer base of next-gen guests who expect to interact and influence their environments with digital tools? How can these tools empower guests to become co-creators of a brand experience?
  21. 20 mins
    Buildings as we know them are coming to an end. Features of buildings will be increasingly virtual and digitally augmented. As digital and physical continue to converge, how do we create seamlessly integrated experiences between digital and physical worlds? How does emerging technology play a role in this seamlessness? This session will examine the ways buildings will change, in terms of structure via robotics, interior arrangement, sensory interaction (audio/voice, visual/XR, motion/haptic), and media application (projection mapping, architectural scale screens, etc.) Outcomes of buildings becoming responsive will also be discussed, looking at functional flexibility and evolution, personalization, brand expression and public experience, performance and entertainment.
  22. 20 mins
    What new tools can we use to improve our measurement of live experiences? How can we connect the data we have in new ways to increase Return on Experience (ROX)? How can we map how people perceive the environments we design, and use metrics to improve that experience? We'll also talk about the neuroscience of experience: As you walk through a space, what is your brain responding to?
  23. 20 mins
    A discussion about evolving and adapting classic Hollywood film sound techniques into the modern era of immersive entertainment. In modern 360-degree video and VR environments, how can we use sound to elicit a deeper emotional response and immersion?  What production techniques can we adapt, what do audiences expect to hear in this new medium? How can we use everything from dialogue to sound effects to Foley to drive an emotional connection with what one sees and interacts with? 
  24. 20 mins
    Now is the time to start adding AR experiences to your live events. AR content will rapidly become the norm in the next year or two, and it's surprising how easy it is to get into this content creation now. New DIY tools, helpful content creation partners and the ability to view AR content through a web browser on a mobile device are making it easier to add an extra layer to your experience design. Create scavenger hunts, unlock interactive features to event content, provide festival lineups and maps, and basically add more engagement and entertainment to live shows now. We'll talk about entry-level AR ideas and then look at more customized content that can expand as you grow your AR capabilities.


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