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Integrated Life Day

05 June 2018 00:00:00

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Integrated Life Day is a NEW one-day conference focused on the crossover opportunities between the commercial and residential audiovisual markets.


This program will address trends, technologies, business models, and forecasts for the AV market, as well as an array of hot-button topics such as the impact of artificial intelligence on consumer and commercial markets, converging markets, and voice-first products and the user experience.

Integrated Life Day is included in the Seminar and Workshop package.

Learn more about Integrated Life and download our whitepaper, Integrated Life: AV Convergence in Life, Work, and Play.


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Presented by:
 Parks Associates


  1. Westgate, Ballroom C
    45 mins
    Learn what consumers expect when they acquire new IoT solutions and their interest in managed services that integrate new and existing products. Examine with these industry experts how product and system designers can anticipate and innovate in response to evolving consumer demands for work at home and on-the-go trends.
  2. Westgate, Ballroom C
    60 mins
    Join industry leaders as they examine the innovations that are delivering premium, yet simplified, AV experiences in the home and in business environments as well as the partnerships necessary to accomplish this vision.
  3. Westgate, Ballroom C
    15 mins
  4. Westgate, Ballroom C
    30 mins
  5. Westgate, Ballroom C
    60 mins
  6. Westgate, Ballroom C
    45 mins
    This panel of industry experts explores the technology convergence across residential, enterprise, mobile, hospitality, and other commercial/public spaces, including the role integrators can seize in these expanding ecosystems.
  7. Westgate, Ballroom C
    45 mins
    This session posits the next generation of innovations that will expand the connected home and how industry can prepare for these advances.
  8. Westgate, Ballroom C
    60 mins
    The majority of today’s smart home products are purchased as stand-alone devices, but they will need to work as part of integrated systems within the home and in hospitality, commercial, and other venues where the user goes. This session addresses new business available to integrators and how partnerships can help actualize these opportunities.
  9. Westgate, Ballroom C
    45 mins
    Panelists address the premium value proposition of face-to-face, consultative support, enterprise-grade security, end point monitoring, and privacy offerings for the home, including how integrators can offer managed services that work best in support of consumer security and privacy.
  10. Westgate, Ballroom C
    15 mins
  11. Westgate, Ballroom C
    60 mins
    This session examines the changing consumption habits of consumers and how those changes will affect all areas for AV products, services, and installation.
  12. Westgate, Ballroom C
    60 mins
    Panelists examine global trends in IoT and AV technologies to predict near-term trends in technology innovation and how companies/integrators can provide the best UX to consumers.


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