Call for Presenters

We’re so excited to be working on incredible presentations and programming for InfoComm 2022!

Industry insiders, thought-leaders, innovators, and technology experts from across the professional AV field have applied to present. They will be sharing their expertise, connecting with peers and customers, and helping you advance your company and personal profile at the industry's most influential platform — InfoComm 2022. 

InfoComm 2022 Targeted Session Topics 

InfoComm 2022 is focused on creating an inclusive, varied, comprehensive educational program for our audience of AV and IT integrators. Speakers will be covering a variety of important topics, with an emphasis on the session topics listed here.


  • AC Power and Ground Loops 

  • Acoustic Echo Cancelling 

  • Acoustics for Conferencing and Collaboration Spaces 

  • ADA Requirements for Assistive Listening Systems 

  • Audio Collaboration Platforms 

  • Audio DSP Best Practices  

  • Audio System Gain Structure, Levels, & Metering 

  • Beamforming and Voice Tracking Technologies 

  • Immersive Audio 

  • Induction Loop 

  • Loudspeaker and Amplifier Specifications 

  • System Equalization 

  • Testing and Adjusting Lip Sync: Audio to Video Sync 

  • The Future of Virtual Installations 

  • Using a Mix-Minus to Optimize Meeting Room Systems 

Content, Production & Streaming 

  • Accessible Content Streams 

  • Automatic Speech Recognition and Captioning 

  • Content Creation 

  • Content Management Systems 

  • Interactive Digital Signage 

  • Live Video Distribution and Streaming Over IP 

  • How to Select Loudspeakers and Headphones for Broadcast and Production  

  • Introduction to Streaming Live in Concert 

  • How to Create Visuals for Streaming Audio 

Design & Integration

  • Architectural Acoustics for AV Designers and Installers 

  • Inclusive Design Principles 

  • Making AV Technology ADA Compliant 

  • Mic Placement in Conference Rooms 

  • Project Requirements Gathering and Analysis 

  • The Future of Workspace Design / Designing Conference and Collaboration Spaces 

  • Sustainable AV Design 

  • Virtual Reality 

  • Workplace Transformation Trends 

IT and Networked AV 

  • Artificial Intelligence in Conferencing Technologies 

  • Delivering Reliable and Resilient Digital Services 

  • Digital Transformation 

  • Digital Data Strategy 

  • Distributing and Managing Audio/Video Over IP 

  • Equitable Experiences over Video Conferencing Systems 

  • HDCP and EDID Explained 

  • Hybrid and Remote Workforce Trends 

  • Interactive Virtual Meetings 

  • IT Standards 

  • Mixed-Protocol Network Planning 

  • Multicast Networking 

  • Networked Audio Protocols 

  • Network and Device Security/Testing in Enterprise Environments 

  • Wireless Presentations Systems and BYOD Implementation 

Hands-On Labs

  • AV Project Life Cycle 

  • AV Design Challenge 

  • Taking Better Measurements for Improved Sound System Design 

  • Introduction to NDI 

  • Measuring Sound System Performance 

  • Setting Up Your Home Studio/Simple Workplace Studio 

  • Subjective Evaluation of Loudspeakers 

  • Using Human Hearing for Audio System Tuning 


  • Classroom Case Study 

  • AV Technology Supporting Instructional Design 

  • Higher Education AV Support 

  • Classroom Design for Teaching and Learning 

  • Active Learning Classrooms 

  • Distance Learning Best Practices 

Live Events 

  • Big Data Analytics for Live Events: Using data to understand attendee behavior and refine offerings 

  • Camera and Mic Placement in Venues 

  • Introduction to Live Audio 

  • Labor Market: Independent contractor issues, Non-compete agreements, Staffing part-time employees 

  • Live Sound Design, Optimization, & Tuning 

  • Hybrid Event Technologies & Engagement Strategies for Hybrid Events 

  • Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges 

Submission Guidelines

InfoComm is searching for abstracts that reflect thoughtful, creative, and data driven case studies and presentations. Speakers should ensure that the submission content is relevant to the AV industry and its communities. When submitting topic(s), speakers should keep in mind that InfoComm attendees should walk away with action items, best practices, and creative ideas they can implement right away.  

  • Multiple abstracts are encouraged. 

  • Only un-biased, non-proprietary presentations will be considered. Using the education program as a platform for promotion of products and services is not allowed. 

  • Session date and time is not guaranteed. 

  • All presenters must accept the terms of the InfoComm Speaker Agreement. 

  • InfoComm reserves the right to combine session abstracts or change the session format to ensure balance of the education program. 

  • Due to the high volume of submitters, InfoComm is unable to provide direct feedback related to the reason a submission was not accepted. 

Selection Process  

Sessions are evaluated by AVIXA staff, the Content & Learning Steering Committee, and a group of volunteer subject matter expert reviewers. Recommendations for inclusion are based on proposal quality, presenter/facilitator expertise, alignment with requested topics, and suitability for the InfoComm audience. Final acceptance is also dependent on space availability and proposal uniqueness. High-quality proposals that aren’t accepted for InfoComm 2022 may be offered the opportunity to participate in a different AVIXA content program.   

Selection Criteria 

Presentations must be tailored for AV professionals, showing evidence of material that will make a significant contribution to the development of attendees’ professional capabilities and knowledge of the field.     

  • Well-defined learning objectives that can be readily implemented in the workplace. 

  • How-to sessions that stimulate and provide attendees with new skill, technology, or process. 

  • Practical and forward-thinking content that will promote interactive exchange of ideas. 

  • Presenter with strong speaking experience and in-depth knowledge of topic and audience needs. 

  • Unique and diverse perspectives on emerging technologies and urgent customer needs.  

Session Types 

The session type is driven by how you plan to deliver the session content. Will you be talking in front of an audience? Moderating a conversation? Leading them in practicing a skill?  

  • Presentation 

  • Panel  

  • Lab 

Learning Levels 

Attendees interested in education/training have been in the industry for varying lengths of time. Speakers should stipulate the level of proposed content by indicating one of the learning levels below: 

  • Advanced – seasoned professional possibly at executive level with 10 plus years’ experience 
  • Intermediate – competent professional with solid knowledge of the industry and 5 plus years’ experience 
  • Basic – personnel with some exposure to field, basic understanding and < 3 years’ experience


Q: What are the benefits of presenting at InfoComm?   
A: You mean besides supporting the industry you love? All volunteer speakers receive complimentary registration for InfoComm 2022, plus a free all-access seminar and workshop package.  

Q: What information do I need to submit a session?  
A: It depends on the session type. Download a preview of the questions we’ll ask so you can prepare your session in advance.  

Q: When will I hear whether my proposal is selected?   
A: January 2022   

Q: Is there any charge to submit or present training at InfoComm? 
A: There’s no charge to submit, and as long as your presentation is vendor-neutral there’s no charge to present. If you would like to talk specifically about the amazing things your company is doing, contact your InfoComm Account Manager to learn about Manufacturers’ Training and Content Sponsorships. 

Q: Can I discuss specific products or brands in my session?   
A: This is a fine line: excluding manufacturer’s training sessions, InfoComm sessions cannot promote the products or services of any specific company. They also shouldn’t deride any specific vendor.  

Q: How good are my odds of acceptance?   
A: The InfoComm Call for Presentations is very competitive: less than 25% of submissions are selected. However, we do review submissions for a wide array of year-round platforms, not just the InfoComm tradeshow. This means each submission has a chance of being selected either for InfoComm or another AVIXA platform.   

Q: I have an idea for a session, but I haven’t confirmed the availability of all the presenters/panelists. Can I submit?   
A: Yes. However, you will have to work quickly to obtain final confirmation from all speakers if your submission is selected. Participants will have two weeks to accept or decline the invitation. If they fail to confirm in this time period the session will be replaced.   

Q: Who can I reach out to for more information? 
A: Please contact someone from the Content Management Team.  


We encourage participants from all backgrounds to apply. 

At InfoComm and across all AVIXA platforms, we seek to create and champion an environment of giving, sharing, and mutual respect; not only for our members, but in the pronounced way our mission touches the world. 

But we cannot do it alone. We need your participation and referrals because it is not a choice of expertise OR diversity: the diverse thought and experience of women, non-binary genders, Black, Indigenous and all people of color expands our industry knowledge and represents a better future for our AV community.

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