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Here’s who to contact on the InfoComm Show Management team with questions about:

Audio Demo Rooms Stuart Weiser +1.703.279.2171
Billing Willie Wolfman +1.703.279.9933
Booth Placement Rob Pennylegion        +1.703.279.2172
  Willie Wolfman +1.703.279.9933
Booth Shares Rob Pennylegion +1.703.279.2172     
  Willie Wolfman +1.703.279.9933
Booth Variances Rob Pennylegion +1.703.279.2172
  Willie Wolfman +1.703.279.9933
Catering     Ashley Thompson +1.703.279.9935
General Questions Willie Wolfman +1.703.279.9933
Hotels Maizy Wang +1.703.279.2174
Manufacturers’ Training Stuart Weiser +1.703.279.2171
Marketing/Advertising Denise Bondoc +1.703.279.9928
Media Trades/Partnerships  Denise Bondoc +1.703.279.9928
Meeting Rooms Stuart Weiser +1.703.279.2171
Online Exhibitor Listing Willie Wolfman +1.703.279.2174
  Rob Pennylegion +1.703.279.2172     
Password Willie Wolfman +1.703.279.9933
Press Registration and Inquiries Brad Grimes +1.703.277.6753
Registration Maizy Wang +1.703.279.2174
Sales Patrick Flynn +1.703.279.2175
  Lauren Hensley +1.703.279.2164
  Joey Martin +1.703.279.6373
  Cassy Pristas +1.703.279.9927
  Deborah Wilson +1.703.279.6391
Special Events Randi Cavitt +1.703.279.9921
Sponsorships Brianna Boyer +1.703.279.6375
VIP Codes Willie Wolfman +1.703.279.9933
Waiting List Patrick Flynn +1.703.279.2175
  Joey Martin +1.703.279.6373
  Cassy Pristas +1.703.279.9927
  Deborah Wilson +1.703.279.6391

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