AV Analytics and What We Do With All This Data?


AV Analytics and What We Do With All This Data?

Wednesday, June 08, 2022
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Technology managers have vast amounts of data available to them, but very few are taking full advantage of it. Imagine being able to make informed decisions on room capacity, technology requirements, user experience, and other AV architecture criteria based on actual room usage data! Users will walk away with real-world examples of how to collect critical room-usage data from their equipment and their users. We'll cover case studies on how this data changed the way technology managers interacted with their AV assets. We will also discuss how this data can be accessed and consumed easily through dashboarding and periodic room-usage reviews. AV Room Usage Data Analytics is a budding AV service being offered in the industry. This presentation will allow participants to tap this easily accessible information in their current AV deployments and dramatically increase their knowledge about how users are interfacing with their AV systems.
James Maltese, CTS-I, CTS-D, CQT, CQD, VP of Quality Standards - Level 3 Audio Visual

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