Creating a Project Management Office for Your Organization


Creating a Project Management Office for Your Organization

Thursday, June 09, 2022
Education Session
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CTS-D: 1
CTS-I: 1
Business and Project Management Design and Integration
The continuing expanding of AV industry, the importance of pro-AV is directly related to the sufficiency and success to clients’ business. Working in tandem with leadership to identify the values of pro-AV solutions and ensuring projects stay on track, a project management office (PMO) can save your company time and revenue by recognizing business gaps and adhering to best practices. The well-established AV PMO will benefit AV firms in developing positive relationship with all stakeholders, managing the AV design and construction processes, and creating sustainable AV business.
Henry Mestre, VP, Director AV&M - AKRF
Yunyi Liu, CTS, CTS-D, MS, AV Design Consultant - Cosentini - Tetra Tech

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