CTS-I Prep


CTS-I Prep

Saturday, June 04, 2022
Three Day Course
CTS: 24
CTS-D: 24
CTS-I: 24
Certification Preparation Design and Integration
CTS-I Prep can help ease your nerves and boost your confidence before you take the CTS-I exam. Through this course, you will practice your test-taking skills and focus on critical areas of the exam you need to develop a comprehensive study plan.

Who Should Take This Course: Current CTS holders with a minimum of two years' experience in audiovisual installation.

Prerequisites: Students should have hands-on experience in both system fabrication and verification, and/or have taken Installation 1: System Fabrication and Installation 2: Setup and Verification. This course is intended as a final review before the exam.

It is recommended that students take Introduction to Installation Online, Elements of System Fabrication Online, and Elements of Setup and Verification Online if convenient. Note: ensure you put the skills learned online to practice as you prepare.

Course Features: This three-day instructor-led classroom course is eight hours per day. Additional evening work may be required.

• Explore the CTS-I exam format and review critical areas of the exam.

• Examine content areas and aspects on the CTS-I exam content outline.

• Review pre-installation activities, pulling cable, mounting substructure, installing and verifying AV systems.

• Zero in on the areas you need to develop.

• Explore test-taking strategies to help you create a study plan.

Important Note: Completion of this program in no way guarantees that you will pass the CTS-I exam, nor will this program cover all the topics listed in the test outline.

By registering for this course, you are not signing up for the CTS-I exam. The CTS-I exam must be applied for, paid for, and then scheduled separately with a testing center. Please refer to the CTS-I Candidate Handbook or avixa.org/ctsi for details.
Steve Riley
Steve Riley, CTS-D, CTS-I, RCDD, Vice President of Regional Operations - Electronic Contracting Company
Keith Yandell
Keith Yandell, CTS-D, CTS-I, RCDD, AV Practice Manager - AVI Systems, Inc. HQ

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