Dante Certification Level 1, Second Edition (Abridged)


Dante Certification Level 1, Second Edition (Abridged)

Wednesday, June 08, 2022
Manufacturers' Training
CTS: 2
CTS-D: 2
CTS-I: 2
IT and Networked AV
Dante Certification Level 1 (2nd Edition) focuses on the skills to design, set up and operate a Dante audio/video system on a single network switch. This class will establish fundamental skills in audio, video and networking, and offer an introduction to the main tools used in a Dante network. Demonstrations offer attendees a practical feel for Dante's breadth, reach and simplicity. The 2nd Edition class is significantly enahaced from the original Dante Certification. This class adds significant educational content on video, making sense of Dante devices with multiple network ports on them, as well as deeper tours of Dante Controller’s screens.
Patrick Killianey
Patrick Killianey, Senior Technical Training Manager - Audinate
Justin Alquist
Justin Alquist, Technical Training and Content Manager - Audinate

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