Dante Certification Level 3, Second Edition (Abridged)


Dante Certification Level 3, Second Edition (Abridged)

Wednesday, June 08, 2022
Manufacturers' Training
CTS: 2
CTS-D: 2
CTS-I: 2
IT and Networked AV
Dante Certification Level 3 (2nd Edition) tackles the fundamentals of Layer 3 enterprise networks and operating on converged networks. Dante Domain Manager™ is a key piece of this puzzle - this class explains the role Dante Domain Manager plays, how it enables more network capability and offers a view into the server itself. This 2nd Edition of Level 3 is significantly different than the original version. Since the original Level 3 class was developed before Dante Domain Manager was available, it only taught the challenges of a Layer 3 network. This new version brings the challenges to life in a more relatable way. And because the class now demonstrates Dante Domain Manager, attendees walk away with a clearer understanding of how to solve these issues. Time in the class is also spent on individual IP sockets that create the Dante solution. Thus, students walk away with a better understanding of troubleshooting and can better interface with IT – especially when networks might start with restrictive security policies.
Patrick Killianey
Patrick Killianey, Senior Technical Training Manager - Audinate
Justin Alquist
Justin Alquist, Technical Training and Content Manager - Audinate

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