Demystifying Truss Deflection and How to Manage It for Various Applications


Demystifying Truss Deflection and How to Manage It for Various Applications

Wednesday, June 08, 2022
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Historically, U.S. aluminum truss manufacturers have published loading data that has been limited by a theoretical ratio. This limit is not based on any applicable code or standard, and is not truly indicative of the structural capability of a given truss span. This session will discuss the history of this limit, what non-U.S. manufacturers tend to publish, and how some industry leaders are moving forward to re-educate users to safely maximize truss capacities. Additionally, the realistic application of pre-cambering truss will be discussed for real world installations. Key ideas to be explored include:

1. Many truss loading tables are unnecessarily limited by deflection based on aesthetic considerations.
2. While deflection is critical for some applications, is it not a critical factor in the structural performance of a truss span.
3. A clearer and unfiltered understanding of deflection can lead to greater efficiencies with truss while still maintaining the same level of safety.
4. The visual effects of deflection can be countered through pre-cambering truss spans, resulting in a flat looking span even under load.
Keith Bohn, Business Development Director - Area Four Industries Direct

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