Designing Large Format Displays


Designing Large Format Displays

Thursday, June 09, 2022
Premium Workshop
CTS: 2
CTS-D: 2
CTS-I: 0
Digital Signage
A science-based session teaching visual display design and assessment in the context of human vision. To optimise your displays and achieve maximum value, this session includes in-depth display technology assessment with a structured approach to technology and budget specification. Several aspects of human vision must be considered in order to deliver optimum user experiences – on a case by case basis. These include contrast, task luminance ratio, image luminance, pixel density, fill factor, and image size. The session takes a structured approach to these elements to create specific and measurable performance metrics as essential preparatory steps prior to making technology selections. These comprehensive metrics include unit conversions and luminance/illuminance conversions. We consider all available display technologies (LED, flat panels, projection, etc) agnostically to highlight the differences impacting the viewing experience in the context of individual scenarios and budgets. Each display technology has advantages and disadvantages. This session takes a structured approach based on standards, math, and best practice to achieve optimal display quality – with measurable sign-off criteria – for the creation of exceptional viewing experiences.
James Fife, CTS-D, Consultant Extension - RP Visual Solutions
Richard Coley, Project Manager - TAD Associates

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