How to Effectively Manage AV Staff


How to Effectively Manage AV Staff

Saturday, June 04, 2022
Three Day Course
CTS: 24
CTS-D: 0
CTS-I: 24
Business and Project Management
Managing AV resources – technology and people – is no easy feat. Discover how to create SOPs, develop onboarding tools, train both your direct reports and end users, and prevent AV/IT failures. Gain fresh ideas, practice training techniques and examine real-world practices that will make your everyday responsibilities easier. 
Who should take this course: This is a course for Technology Managers.  
Prerequisites Students should preferably have two or more years of industry experience.  
This is a management course, not a technical course. It also employs workshop style collaboration and hands-on application of skills. 
Students will walk away with job aids and fresh ideas for a more efficient system of managing human and physical AV resources back at their workplace.   
At the end of this course, you will be able to:   
- Create SOPs that allow staff and end users to effectively and consistently perform AV/IT tasks   
- Develop orientation tools and procedures to efficiently onboard direct reports   
- Train and develop direct reports on how to achieve your vision of success  
- Identify key relationships across your organization that are foundational to your success   
- Establish and develop end user relationships through communication    
- Develop efficient procedures for service recovery when managing incidents to limit future AV/IT failures   
Who should take this course : Technology Managers   
Prerequisites : Students preferably have two or more years of industry experience   
Justin Rexing
Justin Rexing, CTS, CTS-D, ISF-C, MS, AV Systems Engineer - Western Kentucky University
Justin Watts
Justin Watts, CTS, DMC-D-4k, ITIL, MTA, EAVA, ECS, Senior Design Engineer - Apple

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