How Will the Hybrid Office Impact Enterprise Live Streaming and Events?


How Will the Hybrid Office Impact Enterprise Live Streaming and Events?

Thursday, June 09, 2022
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Content Production and Streaming Live Events
With COVID-19 changing the way organizations approach office space, including the move to a hybrid workforce, what does this mean for enterprise streaming? With the return to office, organizations need to ensure their workflows and networks can support the order of magnitude increase in video that will continue as people return to the office. This is especially important as the number of viewers of live events has increased dramatically. Organizations need to ensure that the streams can be delivered reliably both to remote users as well as those in the office.

We will consider four main topics:
1) Production - How has production changed, including the move to cloud production and new functionality such as closed captioning 
2) Viewers – How have the viewing patterns changed and from where are viewers accessing content
3) Enterprise networking – how have enterprise networks changed and how could that impact live streaming, including major risks to enterprise live events.
4) Streaming solutions– how have the advent of new streaming solutions affected enterprise live streaming, especially Zoom Webinars, Microsoft Teams Live Events, and Webex Events

We will use case studies of several enterprise customers that have had to overcome issues as their environments changed.
Andy Howard, MBA, Managing Director - Howard & Associates

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