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Integrated Experience Tour - Illuminarium


Integrated Experience Tour - Illuminarium

Wednesday, June 08, 2022
Integrated Experience Tour
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During this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Illuminarium Experiences, you’ll discover how we use cutting-edge technology to bring a first of its kind, fully immersive experience to our guests using techniques from traditional motion picture production and virtual reality combined with interactive features that facilitate the experience of the real world, all without wearable hardware. Combining native 4K resolution at 50,000 lumens of exceptional brightness, Illuminarium uses the Panasonic Entertainment Solutions' 4K Laser Projectors providing spectacular visuals for a truly immersive audience experience. Revolutionary 3D sound system provided by HOLOPLOT showcases spatial audio, delivering individualized, pure "sound experiences" based on where the guest is standing. Beyond sight and sound, PowerSoft haptic systems built into the Illuminarium floor will stimulate the senses through vibrating ground effects. Ouster lidar sensor technologies provide ultrawide lidar sensors which react to each attendee's movements and gestures. To round out the experience, Illuminarium also uses the SenseCo scent system tied to the show’s theme. After the tour, you’ll enjoy the experience for yourself to see how these technologies come together to create the Illuminarium Experience.
Calum Pearson
Calum Pearson, EVP / General Manager - Illuminarium Experiences LLC
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