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Intro to Live Streaming System Design for Performance Spaces


Intro to Live Streaming System Design for Performance Spaces

Thursday, June 09, 2022
Education Session
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Content Production and Streaming Design and Integration Live Events
Live streaming has radically transformed the potential reach of any given performance. After two years of hybrid and virtual events, audience expectations have changed too: people want to be able to access performances from anywhere. Live, communal experiences have gone virtual – and venues of all sizes will need integrator support to reach beyond their walls. In this session, a panel of experts on camera technology, microphone technology, networking, and video streaming production will break down the basics of creating and operating a professional live streaming system for small and medium venues. Learn how to select and position cameras and microphones; discuss pros and cons of various infrastructure approaches; explore options for controlling the stream and adding production effects; review quality considerations and compression options; and determine bandwidth requirements for both capturing a multi-camera production and streaming to multiple platforms at once. Learn to transform any performance venue or house of worship into a platform with global reach.
Paul Richards, Marketing Director - HuddleCamHD and PTZOptics
Alesia Hendley, Multimedia Journalist & Content Creator - TheSmoothFactor
Rebecca Sullins, Senior Design Engineer - ProMedia Audio Video
Rachael Harris, Senior Infrastructure Engineer - American Express
Jim Bask, Marketing Director - Broadfield Distributing, Inc.

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