Is Your Digital Ecosystem Ready for Gen Z? Lets start now!


Is Your Digital Ecosystem Ready for Gen Z? Lets start now!

Tuesday, June 07, 2022
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Business and Project Management Digital Signage
Gen Z is soon to become the most powerful and diverse buying demographic in US history. This is the first cohort that has been born as true digital natives, and one thing is for sure: they are not the same as their parents in values, action, or desires. Rethinking your digital signage strategy to "tap and trap" this incredibly important target market is essential to your client's technology strategy. We'll explore key values that define the Gen Z experience of consumerism, culture, community and content.  We'll look at how Gen Z is informing new technology platforms and products, and how their voice is driving brand narrative ways that we can't afford to overlook.  This session will cover best practices from digital-first brands, reveal new digital tactics to do now that make for quick hits and ways to connect with this vital audience on premise, across environments, and we'll leave you with tips on how to broach building digital signage / content strategies that will harness the power of Gen Z, yet do so in a way that will be embraced and supported by your end-user clients: beginning with amotizing social and mobile strategies already in place.
Beth Warren, SVP Marketing - Creative Realities Inc.

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