Leveraging NDI for Live Video Distribution over IP


Leveraging NDI for Live Video Distribution over IP

Thursday, June 09, 2022
Education Session
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Content Production and Streaming IT and Networked AV
NDI is a mature, enterprise-ready technology for distributing lossless high-definition video over IP in real time. This protocol can be used to distribute video not just over a network, but over the network – using NDI-enabled endpoints, you can leverage existing cabling and network infrastructure to capture and distribute video, without pulling additional cabling or installing parallel managed switches. You can distribute live video in 1080p over the same infrastructure that handles data and other traffic, or even over WiFi, without a reserved stream. To AV pros who’ve been burned by bandwidth-hungry video distribution methods in the past, this sounds too good to be true. In this session, we’ll examine in detail how NDI processes data differently. You’ll learn how much bandwidth you need for an NDI-based video application (it’s less than you think!) and how to ensure you’re specifying the right components. Through case studies, we’ll examine how NDI-based capture and distribution provides not only an efficient solution for existing education and broadcast applications, but also enables entirely new applications reliant on machine vision and AI. Attendees will come away with a strong understanding of how to leverage NDI for video signal distribution in a variety of applications.
William Golde, Director of Channel Development - HuddleCamHD

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