Making Equity Work, A Practical Framework


Making Equity Work, A Practical Framework

Wednesday, June 08, 2022
Premium Workshop
CTS: 2
CTS-D: 0
CTS-I: 0
Business and Project Management Diversity and Inclusion
In this workshop, participants will learn a strategic framework to help their organization move beyond conversations about race to be able to take action for racial equity. Participants will practice using the framework to disrupt patterns of oppression in the workplace, with a particular focus on the AV industry. Participants will also identify ways they can apply the framework at their organizations and will walk away with suggestions for next steps for racial equity at their organizations. Take this workshop to: • Identify the ways in which racism can show up in the workplace. • Learn a strategic antiracist framework that will disrupt patterns of oppression and implicit bias at work. • Identify ways that you can apply this framework at your organization.
Christopher Hope, CTS, Principal Consultant - Equity Intelligence Consulting
Kaytlyn Darling, Principal Consultant, Equity Intelligence - Equity Intelligence Consulting

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