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Why Meeting Equity is the Lifeblood of the Hybrid Workplace


Why Meeting Equity is the Lifeblood of the Hybrid Workplace

Wednesday, June 08, 2022
Education Session
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Conferencing and Collaboration Diversity and Inclusion
What is meeting equity and why is it so important in today's hybrid and virtual meetings? Office, home, and mobile environments all play a role in creating inclusive meetings, in addition to factors such as language, height, hearing disabilities, and more. Now more than ever leaders are focused on navigating the territory of hybrid work and searching for ways to create a positive, productive workplace and sense of belonging for employees. This means taking steps to ensure that everyone has a similar meeting experience with equal opportunities to contribute and make an impact regardless of where they are joining their meeting from. Conferencing technology continues to evolve and to evolve rapidly. We will discuss artificial intelligence and its use in several technologies: facial detection, noise cancelation, MLVAD, NLP, conferencing layouts, transcription, and translation. We will discuss the innovative and clever use of these technologies in delivering an inclusive and immersive meeting experience with the overall goal of meeting equity.
Mansour Brek, X20 Executive - X2O Media
John Burnett, Global Product Evangelist - Pexip
Rony Sebok, AB/SM, MBA, Director, Intelligent Video - Crestron Electronics, Inc.
Derrick Kelly, CTS, Director of Solutions Enablement - AVI-SPL
Jim Recker, Director Technical Alliances - MURAL
Jennifer Sigmund, Senior Segment Marketing Manager - Barco

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