Monitored Display Control with Digital Signage and Screen Share Device API


Monitored Display Control with Digital Signage and Screen Share Device API

Thursday, June 09, 2022
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Digital Signage IT and Networked AV
Learn how WeWork developed low-cost, fully customized network control and reporting of over 8,000 displays using readily available off-the-shelf hardware and simple RESTful API. Display control over a network typically requires external hardware that uses an additional data port, power outlet, and some type of custom programming. WeWork uses Enplug devices for digital signage and Mersive Solstice Pods for conference room screen sharing. Similar to other digital signage and screen share devices, these devices are network accessible with an API, have USB connectors, have relatively powerful hardware, and have software developed entirely in-house. This generated the idea to use the devices to control the displays with a simple, low-cost USB to RS-232 cable. Enplug and Mersive each had to develop their software, we had to develop custom hardware and control software, and it all had to be deployed. In total everything took a little over a year to complete, the result is that Enplug and Mersive Solstice Pod devices have fully customizable control based on date, time, and even building occupancy. The status of the display is monitored to provide energy usage and savings reports. This talk will walk through the steps it took conceptualize, develop, and deploy the hardware and software to make this project successful.
Jacob Robinson, CTS-D, Senior Lead Systems Engineer - WeWork

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