Peerless AV: dvLED Certified Installer Training Introduction


Peerless AV: dvLED Certified Installer Training Introduction

Wednesday, June 08, 2022
Manufacturers' Training
CTS: .5
CTS-D: 0
CTS-I: .5
Digital Signage
As dvLED panel displays are becoming more affordable and more widely available, Integrators are becoming creative with how they market, sell and design their small and large-scale projects. Thus, offering their customers, who may have felt dvLED was beyond their reach, the ability to offer standard or Bspoke mount system options that are well within their means. Learn how a Peerless-AV Certified SEAMLESS Installation mount system and provider assures that the mounting system is not only well-designed and manufactured to quality standards, but that it also is installed correctly, professionally and safely.
Rob Meiner
Rob Meiner, CTS, Senior - Peerless-AV

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