Recognizing the Opportunities-Digital Signage for Integrators


Recognizing the Opportunities-Digital Signage for Integrators

Thursday, June 09, 2022
Premium Workshop
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Business and Project Management Digital Signage
Today almost every integrator is overwhelmed with business, but is this business sustainable? What if Amazon decides they want to own the AV business? What will we do then? This course will clearly present the business reasons why every integrator should embrace digital signage. Shifting from depending on healthy hardware margins to making our profit from professional integration services and now shifting to on-going services. We all recognize this paradigm shift and have had to adjust. As an AV integrator of 30 plus years, 26+ of those years a AV integrator company owner successfully selling digital signage, I speak fluent integrator and have made just about every mistake that can be made relative to digital signage. This course is all about identifying the gotcha’s and how to avoid them. Digital signage is a very profitable path forward. As an integrator creating recurring revenue and ongoing growth should be the goal. The challenge is digital signage is not traditional AV and requires some additional skill sets. This seminar is all about giving the integrator the knowledge to recognize profitable digital signage and opportunities that create recurring revenue.
Mike White, CTS, DSCE, DSDE, Principal - AVMaven LLC

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