Registering Equipment and its Benefits during a Supply Chain Crisis


Registering Equipment and its Benefits during a Supply Chain Crisis

Tuesday, June 07, 2022
Education Session
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Business and Project Management
In the past several months, everyone has been affected by supply chain issues as well as price increases. In this session, learn how registering equipment with manufacturers can save money and improve lead times. Through registration, integrators can get manufacturers involved in a job at the beginning, so there are fewer surprises and delays with the supply chain throughout the job.

This session will also cover various situations when a job's equipment can qualify for a registration discount. These include; bid verse design build, quantity and dollar amount minimums, manufacturer flips and more.

Learn who at your company should submit the registrations, whether it is the sales, engineers, purchasing or admins. Review the different benefits and possible drawbacks when these different departments register a job's equipment.

Lastly, learn tips to help a company register equipment in the most efficient way possible. These include keeping a master list of your different manufacturers' requirements, points of contact for registration and directions on how each different registration needs to be submitted. And don't forget the importance of reviewing your approved registration's fine print (expirations dates, credit terms, etc).
Andrew Novelli, CTS, Purchasing Supervisor - Verrex LLC

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