Room Impact on Selecting the Right Microphone Technology


Room Impact on Selecting the Right Microphone Technology

Wednesday, June 08, 2022
Education Session
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Audio Conferencing and Collaboration
Room audio has a large impact on audio quality. Unfortunately, environmental noises and room audio are often not taken into consideration when designing audio solutions for unified communications installations in rooms. Noise sources in the room provide one challenge, but room surface materials often have even more effect on the acoustic experience in the room and remotely. Users in the room are often unaware about the audio experience remote participants have. Not every microphone type or microphone technology should be used in every room for good audio results. Based on noise and reverberance in the room, factors like distance between talker and microphone, dynamic or static beam forming, noise reduction, or de-reverberation should be taken into consideration. The presentation will address several of the common problems and discuss why specific microphone technology might or might not be good solutions.
Holger Stoltze, PhD, Sr. Director of Technical Sales & Marketing - Yamaha Unified Communications

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