Show Calling and Stage Management for Live Events


Show Calling and Stage Management for Live Events

Wednesday, June 08, 2022
Education Session
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Business and Project Management Live Events

Whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid, the show caller or stage manager is responsible for directing an audio visual experience that can have dozens or even hundreds of moving parts. From managing the onstage talent, to the technical know-how you’ll learn how to engage with the onsite engineers, show producers, stage managers, and even the audience to design and execute the perfect live event.

This session will use real and relevant examples from recent events including presidential inaugurations, Virgin Galactic’s recent space flight, major televised sporting events, as well as more intimate, but highly produced audience experiences. By working together, we will build a show flow, anticipate challenges, manage timelines, and learn how to bring together your team behind the scenes.

This is the perfect session for a project manager or sales executive looking to better understand or even take on some stage management responsibilities, or a technician looking for a path to design, and direct their own events.

Troy Peters, CTS, VP of Marketing & Business Development - Video West, Inc.

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