The New Demands of Hybrid Education on Class Room Audio


The New Demands of Hybrid Education on Class Room Audio

Thursday, June 09, 2022
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Hybrid education has placed an emphasis on classroom audio that was unnoticed and unresolved in the past. While the typical model of a class was “one-to-many”, with a teacher or trainer in the front of the class, “many-to-many” with student discussions were not supported. Even in larger auditoriums, the teacher was typically the only one “voice-lifted” into the room and had to repeat comments or questions from a student for all to hear.
This challenge was multiplied when hybrid learning came into play. While the one-to-many model is easily supported, the many-to-many and discussions between students is not. However, many classes require interaction between students to achieve the full potential of learning.
Supporting the hybrid model puts new demands on the audio in the classroom. How to effectively “mic” the whole room, how to ensure that audio for many-to-many discussions is of high quality and easily understood by remote participants, how remote participants can be well understood in the classroom. This needs to be achieved while keeping teachers in charge and providing them the means to control the audio.
This session will address these challenges and provide directions and solutions on how to resolve them.
Holger Stoltze, PhD, Sr. Director of Technical Sales & Marketing - Yamaha Unified Communications

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