The New Landscape of Ed Tech


The New Landscape of Ed Tech

Thursday, June 09, 2022
Education Session
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Design and Integration Learning Spaces
The pandemic has changed the AV design landscape more than ever before! Many faculty, who were hesitant to use technology, have been required to use technology they were previously intimidated by. These faculty are now fully incorporating the use of AV technology into their curriculum and the AV design has to be more fluid with the ever growing and changing needs of our faculty.

We will briefly touch on AV classroom design pre-pandemic, how it evolved during the pandemic (in classroom and remote) and how the post pandemic classroom design is where HyFlex, hybrid, synchronous and asynchronous all merge into one space.

This session will detail how the attitude towards technology has changed, and how that change has altered the classroom design to match the new pedagogical needs of our faculty.
George Chacko, CTS, MS, Director - Pace University
Antonio Soares Jr., Senior Manager of Academic Technology - Pace University

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