When and Why to Use the Three Major AV/IP Technologies


When and Why to Use the Three Major AV/IP Technologies

Wednesday, June 08, 2022
Education Session
CTS: 1
CTS-D: 1
CTS-I: 0
Content Production and Streaming IT and Networked AV
This session covers the three main approaches to video over IP transmission. Inter-frame compressed video, intra-frame compressed video, and uncompressed video are detailed and explained related to their practical applications. Each method of video over IP will be exposed for its strengths and weaknesses in practical applications and related to the types of video content that best suits a specific video over IT approach. Core differences between content based on high-motion video versus near-stationary desktop video content will be exposed and related back to the results of using the three methods of video over IT for video transport. Detailed facts and myths tied to each video over IT method will also be revealed and explained. Finally, the IP transmission technology associated with each video over IT method is detailed. By doing so, the key requirements, complexities, and nuances of the required IT network technology will come to light, as will the obvious network applications for LAN, WAN, and internet transmission.
Ron Berty, Other, Business Development Manager - Matrox Graphics, Inc.

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