When Clients Approach AV and IT Integrators for Each Other's Specialties


When Clients Approach AV and IT Integrators for Each Other's Specialties

Thursday, June 09, 2022
Education Session
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Design and Integration IT and Networked AV

The commercial AV community has been talking about IT/AV "convergence" for years. We've now seen another manifestation: AV integrators’ projects are widening to include IT elements and, simultaneously, IT integrators’ projects are widening to include AV elements. Thus, however firms classify themselves, integrators' job scopes are converging.

This panel will explore the implications of AV and IT integrators in some cases competing for the same projects. Key considerations:

1. If IT integrators are performing AV integration work, how can our industry and our established channel make inroads with those IT integration companies? Have those relationships already begun? How will their arrival change our profession?
2. If AV integrators want to retain their clients, how can they ensure that their business can meet those clients' needs with respect to the network and enterprise-level security?
3. Has AV literally become IT, and vice versa? Is it even meaningful to distinguish the two worlds anymore? If so, how are they different?
4. What engine is driving AV integrators into IT work and propelling IT integrators into AV work? Is it as simple as clients wanting a one-stop shop for technology solutions? If so, what does being a "technology solutions provider" mean?

Dan Ferrisi, Editor-in-Chief, Commercial Integrator - EmeraldX
Alesia Hendley, Multimedia Journalist & Content Creator - TheSmoothFactor
Tobi Tungl, CTS, CTS-D, Vice President Sales, North America - Epiphan Video
Michael Pedersen, CTS-D, CTS-I, Audiovisual Experience Manager - Iowa State University
Sandi Stambaugh, Sr Vice President - TD SYNNEX

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