ZeeVee: AV Savvy Casinos Know Winning Over Players is Not a Game of Chance


ZeeVee: AV Savvy Casinos Know Winning Over Players is Not a Game of Chance

Wednesday, June 08, 2022
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IT and Networked AV
Gaming is a nearly $450 billion industry, and the competition between rival physical and online casinos is fierce. Establishing a property as a ‘must-see destination’ among jaded consumers who have seen everything is an evolving challenge. Today, state-of-the-art AV systems go beyond traditional video walls to offer large-scale architectural AV presentations which are engaging, exciting, immersive and enticing visitors to come, stay and play longer. The Westgate Casino in Las Vegas recently completed an upgrade to its Super Book sports book with an AVoIP signal distribution system that greatly enhances the visitor experience. This includes the world’s largest 4K video wall, which spans 18 feet high and 260 feet wide and supports 175 multiviews simultaneously, as well as to individual betting stations throughout the venue. The formidable project was completed in a mere two and a half months – in small part aided by COVID-19 Exploring this world-class AV system, the Westgate’s integrator NMR Events and its tech partner ZeeVee will share best practices and key learnings in installing next-generation AV-driven visitor experiences in today’s casinos—on time and on budget. The session will be led by Doug Whelan, system integrator, NMR Events and Joe Chordas, vice president, North American Sales and Marketing, ZeeVee.
Art Weeks
Art Weeks, Director of Product Management - ZeeVee, Inc.
Doug Whelan
Doug Whelan, Director of Systems Integration - NMR Events

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