InfoComm 2023


Acoustics: the Math, Mystery, Mayhem, and Magic

Jun 14, 2023
Technical Workshop
CTS: 2
CTS-D: 2
CTS-I: 2
This workshop will start by introducing acoustic concepts such as reflections, standing waves, and diffusion. The course with move into various acoustic parameters such as reverberation time, sound transmission classification, transmission loss, and speech intelligibility. Attendees with learn about the mathematical principles that are applied to acoustics and the propagation of sound (not too much math and it won’t be too difficult).
We will cover how the ear works and how your brain perceives audio, especially in relationship to acoustics and audio systems design. A short lecture will be given on hearing protection. The main types of acoustic treatments will be discussed along with how, when, where and why they should be applied. A primer on the various field measurements, how they are made, and the tools utilized will be given.
Learning Objectives
  • Understand basic acoustic principles and how to apply them in a holistic approach to audio system design.
  • Utilize acoustic parameters and understand their affect on how sound is perceived in enclosed spaces.
  • Make basic field measurements using commonly used tools such as a real time analyzer.
Linda Gedemer, LEED, PhD, Principal - Technology - Alfa Tech

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