InfoComm 2023


Audio DSP Signal Chain Best Practices for Typical Speech Reinforcement Systems

Jun 15, 2023
Education Session
CTS: 1
CTS-D: 1
CTS-I: 1
In this session we will review a “best practice” signal processing chain for typical speech reinforcement system applications including input signal processing and dynamics, echo cancelling, automatic mixing and routing and output processing. Concepts such as maintaining adequate gain structure, optimizing dynamic range, dealing with echo cancellation will be discussed, while working with a signal chain that is straight forward and maintains a logical flow. The presentation will include diagrams describing the signal path and major processing blocks with an emphasis on explaining the importance of precedence between processes and their impact on headroom, noise floor, headroom and overall signal quality. The information will be presented with examples using real-world cases and focusing on the capabilities of modern audio DSP processing systems.
Learning Objectives
  • Understand the correct placement of processing objects within the audio signal processing chain.
  • Adequately program an audio DSP system for optimal audio quality.
  • Understand how echo cancelling and dynamics interact along with other processing blocks in a signal chain to avoid common mistakes that result in echo, limited headroom and distortion.
Rodrigo Ordonez, CTS-D, Principal - K2

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