InfoComm 2023


Automatic Speech Recognition and Caption Delivery for Venues

Jun 14, 2023
Education Session
CTS: .5
CTS-D: .5
Content Production and Streaming Live Events
This informative session will illustrate the importance of Automatic Speech Recognition-based captioning of video and aural content, and why freely and adequately enabling the displaying of such captions across myriad display mechanisms in the modern audiovisual world is crucial - and in a growing number of major jurisdictions, required by law. Further, business cases will be illustrated where the embrace of an ASR-based caption ecosystem is positive both commercially and professionally. As captions are “the third rail” of multimedia content, so too is the infrastructure displaying that content. This presentation will explain Automated Speech Recognition (ASR), how it matters in the audiovisual space, and how today’s displays, systems and infrastructure are crucial components in the broader assistive captioning & transcription ecosystem. It will demonstrate what to expect from the content creators whose content you will be conveying, and why on-premises ASR and captioning is superior to traditional remote captioning methods. The U.S. regulatory environment will be explained from the Federal Communications Commission to the scope and scale of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the impact of these on the bottom line. Lastly, we will explore how captions can even potentially impact revenues to the positive side.
Learning Objectives
  • Describe the various methods of conveying captioned content throughout the audiovisual ecosystem, and the trade-off's of each and when each is better than the other, including the impact of local laws and regulations.
  • Understand better how their particular point along the value chain, will be impacted by captions, or the lack thereof, today and into the future.
  • Understand the side benefits of captioning of content, from transcripts and achieves, to searchable assets via the Web, and were automated translation is starting to come into play.
Bill Bennett, Media Solutions & Accounts Manager - ENCO SYSTEMS

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