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Deciphering the Technology Differences in Beamforming Microphone Solutions

Jun 13, 2023
Education Session
Audio Conferencing and Collaboration
The use of microphone beamforming technology has been on the rise in a lot of products and applications. From the smart home assistant, the conference desktop phone, the huddle-room video camera, to microphone sound bars and ceiling microphone tiles, a lot of products list beamforming microphones as a feature. Price differences and size differences of these products tell us that there are technical differences and one beamforming microphone is not equal to another one. This session we will explain the science and technology behind beamforming microphones, and then discuss the differences in common beamforming solutions. Advantages and disadvantages of the different solutions will be discussed, helping in making the right decisions on beamforming technology for different applications and environments.

Learning Objectives
  • Understand and describe the fundamental way how beamforming microphones work, both in private settings as well as in different corporate and educational environments.
  • Select the right beamforming microphones for their designs that will provide best audio pick-up in the different environments they encounter.
  • Tune beamforming microphone installations, and conduct testing to confirm that their installation and tuning delivered a successful installation of the technology.
Holger Stoltze, PhD, Senior Director Technical Sales and Marketing - Yamaha Unified Communications

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