InfoComm 2023


Designing Audio Systems with High Intelligibility

Jun 13, 2023
Education Session
Audio Design and Integration
In today’s technology-heavy world, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking there’s a computer that can solve all your problems. However, we have to remember that audio is a physical medium, and it obeys the natural laws of physics. Learning how audio acts and reacts to our environment and our bodies means we can design audio systems that remain highly intelligible at its creation and its conclusion.
In this session we are going back to audio itself. Not the technology, not the system, but how sound works in our environment and how we physiologically process it. This session is for anyone that wants to make systems less taxing on the user, by avoiding strain and fatigue to allow users to focus on the content.
Learning Objectives
  • Look at their environment and assess the acoustics of the room to provide the best natural audio system that works with the space.
  • Design a system that works with the natural environment and human physiology to keep talkers and listeners at ease with their technology.
  • Troubleshoot common audio problems by understanding what causes them. And learn how to solve issues without relying on technology to artificially cover up inadequacies in the design or architecture.
Rebecca Sullins, Senior Design Engineer - ProMedia Audio Video

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