InfoComm 2023


Designing With Resiliency

Jun 14, 2023
Education Session
Design and Integration
Learn how to increase resiliency in your system designs by identifying and reducing those pesky points of failure. We will discuss ways to evaluate the risk factor and costs associated with potential failure points and how to design them out of your system. There is no such thing as a completely fault tolerant system but understanding the most critical elements or most common failure points, what their impact is on the system, and how to shift the potential failure points to less-critical areas of the system will help determine the most important design choices. The discussion will be presented with presentation slides and discussion points. Interactive illustrations and questions will be used to demonstrate some of the concepts. Selected case examples will highlight design features that implement these approaches. After this session attendees will be able to: Discuss concepts of how to achieve resilient, fault tolerant systems that minimize failures and downtime. Understand and identify points of failure and how to reduce them. Evaluate the cost/impact value of points of failure and the decision-making process for reducing these failure points. Look at the benefits of implementing technologies like virtualization to increase resiliency at a hardware level. Discuss logical component architecture and separation of processes to better isolate failure points which allow for more focused and successful failover options.

Learning Objectives
  • Understand how to determine and reduce points of failure in their design, resulting in a higher resilience factor.
  • Apply different design techniques to help increase the reliability of their systems.
  • Evaluate the cost vs failure potential and determine where to address the highest risk elements of their design.
Jason Pontius, Director of Operations - Smart Monkeys Inc.

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