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Enterprise IT: Harnessing the Power of IoT for Space Reservations

Jun 14, 2023
Education Session
CTS: 1
Enterprise IT
Effective space management and reservations are crucial in ensuring employees have access to the resources they need to stay productive. IoT and AV technology can be beneficial in achieving these goals, but the cost and investment may be a barrier for many organizations. These technologies can optimize the use of space, improve communication and collaboration, and enhance the employee experience. However, organizations must carefully evaluate the costs and benefits and consider ways to reduce the overall investment. This could include using a phased approach, leveraging existing infrastructure, or implementing a "Hardware as a Service" model.
In this session, we will discuss the importance of space management and reservations in elevating the employee experience while simultaneously allowing organizations to maximize resources and save on operational costs. We will examine recent case studies of organizations that have implemented IoT and AV technology to achieve 'the perfect workplace' and share strategies for managing and reserving space using technology, policies, and employee involvement. Additionally, we'll explore the possibility of using the "Hardware as a Service" model in space management, which can help organizations gain the benefits of space management while decreasing the total cost of ownership and removing maintenance burdens for the operation team.
Learning Objectives
  • A deep dive into some real-world examples; of where we excelled and where we can further improve
  • How hardware is a key part of the puzzle for streamlined reservations and space management and explore the possibility of using the "Hardware as a Service" model in space management
  • Implementation of best practices and how to get even more out of your space management solution
John C. Wang, CEO & Co-founder - IAdea Corporation

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