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Enterprise IT: Hacking Conference Rooms: Are Your Rooms Secure?

Jun 14, 2023
Education Session
CTS: 1
CTS-D: 1
Conferencing and Collaboration Enterprise IT
Whether planning new products releases, layoffs, mergers, or preparing quarterly earnings, when you're in the office, the most confidential discussions take place in the conference room. But with cameras, microphones and displays, how do you keep your data secure? Explore the end-to-end communication path, and how it can be abused. This session will cover real and potential attacks against conference rooms. Conference rooms are the place in the office employees go to have some of the highest profile and most confidential discussions about the future of their business. Whether project road map discussions, mergers, layoffs, or other strategic discussions, these all occur in a room with microphones, cameras, and displays. Data leaks out and could be obtained by 3rd parties. Review why this is critical, how data can be exfiltrated in the real world, and how an end customer or AV partner can protect themselves. This will be done through real-world examples of existing hardware and tools that can be abused to leak data. There are no dependencies on the specific collaboration technology used - are all vulnerable to some extent.
Learning Objectives
  • Identify risks to the conference room, whether internally or for their customers.
  • Develop mitigation strategies for the risks in the conference room.
  • Determine if there's opportunity to offer additional professional services to keep their customers' data secure.
Peter Lurie, Microsoft Meetings Rooms GBB - Microsoft

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