InfoComm 2023


How to Identify and Work with Different Personality Types in Live Events

Jun 15, 2023
Education Session
Business and Project Management Live Events
Whether you are a crew leader, project manager, or independent contractor, this presentation will give you the tools you need to navigate interpersonal dynamics and achieve your goals. This session explores the concept of personality types and how they impact communication and teamwork, with a specific focus on technical production environments. Through an engaging combination of education, personal stories, examples, and activities, explore a variety of social interaction frameworks, including Enneagrams, Myers-Briggs and DISC, and provide practical tips for identifying and understanding different types. Attendees will learn how to recognize the unique strengths and weaknesses of different personality types, and how to use this knowledge to create harmonious working relationships and reach higher outcomes together.
Learning Objectives
  • Understand the most commonly used personality type frameworks, such as Enneagrams, Myers-Briggs and DISC.
  • Develop the skills needed to identify different personality types in real-time, and modify their behaviors for better outcomes.
  • Utilize personality frameworks to better communicate with teammates, stakeholders and clients.
Kyle Means, Executive Producer - Squaredot LLC

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