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Making It Yours: Developing Institutional Audiovisual Standards

Jun 13, 2023
Education Session
Business and Project Management Design and Integration
Do you find AV aspects in your organization very from room to room or contractor to contractor? If so, developing a set of internal standards can provide consistency and minimize surprises. Building on industry standards, organizations can create institutional, infrastructure, control system, and AV contractor standard that meet their needs. This session will be about developing a comprehensive set of internal audiovisual standards for an enterprise. This session will start by briefly outlining many of the benefits an organization would receive from internal standards. We will then review the relevant industry standards that exist and their scope and application. It will then move on to describe various types of internal standards that can be built around the industry standards. The class will describe four different types of internal standards that could be developed:
    1) General institutional AV standards; audience is internal AV/IT staff, content is largely brand and component standards
    2) AV infrastructure standards; audience is general contractors or electrical contractors; content is specifics on core supporting infrastructure (e.g. conduits, electrical, HVAC, etc.)
    3) AV control system standards; audience is internal or external control system programmers; content is control system GUI design elements and operation
    4) AV contractor standards; audience is internal procurement staff and external AV contractor; content is expectations and guidelines for external audiovisual contractors while doing work with the organization
We will then layout some guidelines and best practices for organizations to develop their own internal AV standards.

Learning Objectives
  • Understand the benefits of developing internal audiovisual standards including consistency, minimizing surprises, and reducing training needs.
  • Discuss four different types of internal audiovisual standards that can be created, their target audiences, and their general content set.
  • Describe the recommendations and best practices provided to develop their own internal audiovisual standards.
Michael Pedersen, CTS-D, CTS-I, Audiovisual Experience Manager - Iowa State University

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