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Meyer Sound: Designing Sound Systems to Deliver a Successful Immersive Audio Experience

Jun 13, 2023
Manufacturers' Training
CTS: .5
CTS-D: .5
CTS-I: .5
Session Description : Immersive audio experiences, once primarily the privy of high budget theatrical productions, are becoming more mainstream and entering the general public’s consciousness. New tools put spatial audio control at the fingertips of musicians and audio mixers, not just theatrical sound designers and audio researchers. This gives both small clubs and large venues the potential to create dynamic immersive audio experiences with less technical skill than previously required. Many of these tools are format agnostic. These provide a spatial mix technique but do not specify how to design the systems that they control. There is a large body of work and collective experience to help designers create mono, stereo, and Left/Center/Right (LCR) sound reinforcement systems. But what of the immersive audio loudspeaker system?
Learning Objectives
  • Describe general guidelines for placement of loudspeakers systems used in immersive audio systems.
  • Describe general guidelines for coverage pattern and aiming of loudspeakers in immersive audio systems.
Josh Dorn-Fehrmann
Josh Dorn-Fehrmann, Senior Technical Support - Meyer Sound

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