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D=SIGN: Network Calming for Digital Signage and Kiosk Deployments

Jun 15, 2023
Education Session
CTS: 1
CTS-D: 1
CTS-I: 1
Digital Signage
Operating a large-scale digital signage and kiosk network is challenging due to the layers of technology, geographically dispersed devices, and numerous critical points of failure. As the number of devices, locations, and diversity of use cases expands, so does the day-to-day chaos. Networks at scale can consume a team’s time with countless potential issues. Network Calming is the implementation of tools and processes to monitor, analyze, and address operational concerns with the goal of optimizing the operations of a digital display and kiosk network. Network calming strategies will reduce the chaos associated with managing a large-scale device network. The first strategy is aimed at deploying device management with comprehensive diagnostic and remote-control capabilities. A successful implementation results in significantly reducing the time involved in daily firefighting. The result is reducing the stress and workload for both staff and customers. The second strategy is Implementing dashboarding and workflow automation providing a real-time view of the network with the automation of many repetitive device network tasks. Once implemented, the overall workload is reduced by applying corrective actions using automated and semi-automated workflows. This will free up time for staff for important and strategic work. The third strategy is the implementation of preventative measures that anticipate and prevent device network issues through analytics, prediction, and network enhancements. Success allows for scaling the network size and complexity without increasing operational staff.
Learning Objectives
  • Explore how the strategies of network calming reduce network maintenance
  • Understand how a comprehensive needs assessment drives network calming strategies unique to each client
  • Identify how network calming strategies can be integrated into your project designs to ensure optimal productivity
Paul Lundberg, CTO - Skykit LLC

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