InfoComm 2023


Practical Setting Up of a Basic Sound System

Jun 13, 2023
Education Session
Audio Live Events
This session will cover the basics of setting up a sound system and will emphasize practice with enough theory to explain why. An overview of the basic components of a sound system will include sources, mixing board, amplifiers, and loudspeakers. The components overview will include the concept of signal flow. The differences between powered loudspeakers and amplified loudspeakers will also be discussed.
    An explanation of aiming loudspeakers and loudspeaker coverage will be included as will the connections between the console and the amplifier(s).

    An overview of the mixing console will be given with some of the differences between analog and digital consoles discussed. The concept of signal bussing will be included. Tips on setting the microphone preamplifiers will be shared.

    A basic overview of parametric equalization and high/low pass filters, and how to use them will be given. A demonstration using parametric equalization with a handheld microphone could be performed.

    An overview of what feedback is will include tips for how to avoid feedback and how to adjust for feedback. This will segue into an explanation of the differences between microphones. A lavalier or podium microphone could be used to demonstrate in-line graphic equalizers. Tips on mixing will be given.

Learning Objectives
  • identify each component of a sound system and how to operate it.
  • set up a basic public address system.
  • utilize equalization to maximize intelligibility and gain-before-feedback.
Jeff Human, CTS, CTS-D, Integrated Systems Director of Design - Kirkegaard Associates

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