InfoComm 2023


Reframe Your Recruiting and Hiring Approach

Jun 13, 2023
Education Session
Business and Project Management
Discover practical, actionable, strategies to identify talented and skilled individuals, overcome barriers to hiring, and retain your best talent. This interactive session will provide unique insights to help you improve your recruiting and hiring outcomes, while saving you time and money. This session will provide participants with the tools and knowledge they need to reframe their approach to recruiting and hiring, so they have more control over the time, process, and results. They will be brought along on a journey, taking them from “hiring for the past” to “hiring for the future”. During the journey, they will learn a powerful and easily remembered phrase to use as a trigger to stay laser-focused during candidate interviews. In addition learn how today's technology-- and which ones-- can save them time and money in the hiring process. Finally, we'll cover how establishing a proper hiring process in the culture of a company can positively influence new hires, improve company culture, and retain talented employees.
Learning Objectives
  • Reframe their approach to recruiting and hiring so less time and money is spent in the process.
  • Identify and use the best online tech recruiting and hiring tools in their HR process.
  • Apply their knowledge to improve their hiring success rate, boost company culture, and retain their talented employees.
Suley Usman, Principal - SUUSCONNECT, LLC

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